General Description
Qualification (Degree) Rewarded

Master of Science

Admission Requirements

Bachelor Degree awarded from Institutions of Higher Education, in a field relevant to the subject of BNP.

Access to Further Studies

Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.)

Course Structure Diagram with Credits (60 ECTS per year)

All 1st and 2nd semester courses are elective. Students in collaboration with teachers will select the courses that they will attend, according to their skills and the profile  to be achieved. Each student must submit a project proposal for their 3rd and 4th semester project work, according to their skill and existing possibilities.
Final Examination

No final exam. Each course will be assessed separately.
Examinations and Assessment Regulations

Regulations are described in the “Rules and Regulations” of BNP.

ECTS Departmental Coordinator

Professor Maria Lazaridou-Dimitriadou


No fees are required to attend BNP.

Teaching Language

Greek or English, if required.